Originally from Kansas, USA, Kyle Batson is a photographer and designer and will soon be living full-time in his converted camper van. You can see more of his photography at kylebatsonphoto.com.

A new path

What is Desire Path? Well, the term comes from transportation planning. These are paths where the people bypass the planned or paved route in order to save time and distance. You can imagine it as a footpath naturally created through a grassy area that cuts through an area where the sidewalks meet at a right angle.

In my case, it refers to an attempt to circumvent the trajectory of a more socially expected life in order to live a more deliberate and considered one. For me, this has taken the form of selling-off and giving away many of my possessions to move into a van that has become my home. Where I go from here and what I encounter is completely unknown, but I am looking forward to sharing this experiment with anyone who wants to follow along.

Mechanical hiccups